Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

The Invisible Power

if the heart can say
it may be felt more relief
so be glad
with the inch of happiness

if the eye can sing
they will be recite
the most beautiful tone 
represent the song of my heart 
that cannot say

if the tongue was too hurt
adding a scratch wound
in every step of your twilight
trust me
thats the part of my blindness

if this is a power..
it cause you always behind of me
give a thousand smile
to cool off my heart
to handle my weakness
to blessing me..
in every single of your night

let the blue sky watch the sweeties of your smile
let the sun give a little shine to yellowing your colour
let the wind to breathe your simple love
trust me Mom..
even morning,
dont want to leave you..

Parung, 010111
Bu..andai setiap yang ada pada diriku bisa kutukar
aku ingin menukarnya,
untuk selalu melihat senyum indah itu ditiap pagiku
tersungging manis dibibirmu
rinduku selalu padamu bu...

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